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Lao Dance Classes

The Lao Dance Program teaches youth about traditional Lao dance and music. Members of the Lao community in the Greater Hartford region and non-Lao community members who are interested in Lao culture are welcome to join us. If you are are interested, please e-mail us for information about time and location. The program runs from January to June.


Lao Language Classes

Language classes are available for youth and adults to learn basic Lao conversation and write simple sentences. The classes are offered to both our Lao and non-Lao community members.


Recognition and Award Programs

Recognition programs serve to empower our members and thank them for their work. We have an annual gala to recognize our young members’ achievements in school and contributions to the community. This also includes our Academic Scholarships Program.


Recreation and Sports

Family bonding time is important to us. We try to promote quality family time by organizing sports and fun activities for members of all ages.


Cultural Enrichment

The objective of the Cultural Enrichment Program is to recognize and celebrate different cultures in Connecticut other than the Lao communities.